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I'm Brodie.

I'm a qualified Financial Adviser at Foxplan, a boutique financial planning company in New Zealand. My work predominantly revolves around giving my clients the financial tools and guidance to have more time off, travel the world, look after their families, and achieve total financial freedom.

Our clients now have...


On top of their mortgage, debts, and budget.


More time spent with family, travelling, and holidays.


Peace of mind, stability, and relief from financial stress.

Do you often feel like you're doing the wrong thing with your money?

Being left behind by your friends and peers?

Unsure how you're going to fund your children's education?

Nervous about your mortgage amount and repayments?

Not having enough money to do the things you want to do?

Not sure how much you'll need in retirement?

Worried about how you'll help parents as they age?

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We believe you deserve an adviser that sits on the same side of the table as you and offers a safe space to talk about money.

3 simple steps to achieve financial freedom

1. Book an initial meeting

Draw a line in the sand and tell us about your current situation, what's important for you to achieve, and what you can expect from working with FoxPlan.

2. Design your plan

After figuring out what's important to you and your family, we build your financial plan to acheive your financial goals in life, and give you the strategies and tools to do so.

3. Acheive your goals!

Implement the strategies that will put you on the path to acheiving your financial goals, and then continue to work with an adviser to measure, and keep you on track.

All the experts around the same table


As a FoxPlan adviser, I will call on our team of specialists when appropriate and facilitate the use of a variety of different products and services to deliver your desired results.

Our extensive range of services and advice at FoxPlan include; Financial Planning, Accounting, Investments, KiwiSaver, Mortgages and Personal Insurances.


We deliver tailored Financial Advice from our team of Professional Advisers who hold over 250 years of experience.

Luke Bradley, 29

"Brodie guided me through setting up an investment portfolio that will help me reach my goals, along with ensuring I had the right insurance cover to protect me against any hiccups along the way. He was knowledgeable, professional and made the whole process an absolute pleasure. Would highly recommend his services"

Stay in the loop

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