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How responsible is your KiwiSaver?

The Dollars & Sense Podcast - Episode Three Newsletter

Just a quick one from us this week - episode three of our podcast is out now!

Socially responsible investment. Whatever your stance on the issue, it’s pretty clear it’s here to stay with billions of funds moving into responsible portfolios and funds.

In a recent survey, almost three-quarters of Kiwi investors surveyed expected their investments to be managed with social responsibility mandates. 59% of Kiwis said they would change their KiwiSaver or investment funds if they didn't align with their values.

What the survey results show us is that there is a huge shift towards responsible investing, and one we can only assume will increase with Gen X and Millennials seeing a massive transfer of wealth over the next few decades.

One of the neat things about this movement is how accessible information is becoming, with sites like Mindful Money allowing you to compare how your KiwiSaver fund stacks up on a responsible level to other funds in the marketplace.

So, how does your KiwiSaver fund perform compared to its competitors?


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